• Clinic Information System

  • Ease of access to patient’s medical data

    Easily scan the patient’s medical history through one centralised screen, Patient Summary

  • Minimize inventory loss, maximize profits

    Easy management of all movement in your drug inventory

  • Ensure prescription safety with our Decision Support Module

    Our clinical decision support function will automatically check for any drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy risks

  • Automate reports to reduce management costs

    We provide an array of reporting functionalities to help efficient management of the clinic

  • Maintain comprehensive patient data

    Keep track of your patient’s medical history by storing detailed information such as family history and the patient’s lifestyle.

CIS Features Build a stable and reliable system for your practice. Choose from a suite of innovative modules fully designed to meet your needs for a safe and effective practice.

  • Patient Management

    Detailed patient information & easy appointment booking. Supports patient registration, appointment scheduling, demographics and patient visit history.

  • Electronic Medical Records

    Comprehensive set of functions integrated to document patient’s clinical condition Simplify document management of diagnosis forms and track patient’s vitals. Expedite review of patient history, summaries, notes and medication.

  • Decision Support Modules

    Enables a practitioner to be automatically alerted when a prescribed medication contains drug to drug interaction, duplicate drug, or active ingredients that are known to cause an allergy in their patient.

  • Billing & Payments

    Automate billing tasks to optimise financial success Generate patient billing and payments in a secure and efficient way.

  • Medical Inventory

    Improve accountability and maintain optimum medical supplies Monitor medical inventory activity and instantly check stock quantities, schedule reorders and track expenses.

  • Pharmacy

    Enhance patient safety and reduce dispensing errors Improve efficiency of pharmacy staff by automating the ordering, dispensing, and inventory management processes.

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